It is Better to Trust in the Lord

We all must constantly remember that it is better to trust in the Lord than to rely on mere men. This is because all men, no matter how holy or Godly will eventually let you down. Even great people fall short of other people’s expectations.

We all expect too much from men and not enough from God.

This is an easily remedied problem, but the solution does not come from focusing on how we look at men. The focus comes from how we look at God. Instead of trying to solve all of your problems by focusing on others or yourself, you should spend your time focusing on God and the expectations you have for Him.

God can handle BIG EXPECTATIONS. This is actually called Faith and it is a powerful thing. To exercise faith means that you put an expectation on God to show up and show out and the bigger your expectation the bigger your faith.

We don’t serve God because He does what we want. We serve God because we know that He has been good to us. We want to focus on God and what He is doing and how He treats us on a regular. This isn’t a performance-based relationship. We love God because of His character and His nature and out of gratitude for all He’s done. But we still put our expectations on Him to deliver serve and be good to us.

Get your focus off of the performance of men and move your expectations to God.

Today’s Watchword: #Expectations

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