We can all be manipulated

Read today that Lou Pearlman died. Name might not mean much to you, but Lou was a big deal in the 2000’s. He founded and launched most of the boy bands of the late 90’s and 2000’s like Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and many others. Basically responsible for launching Justin Timberlake into superstardom. Poor Lou, though….

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Developing Ministry Capital

I was recently reading a book by Cal Newport titled So Good They Can’t Ignore You. The book is basically about how successful people are not ones who follow their passions, but people who become focused and craftsmen in a particular field with the aim of becoming “So good they can’t ignore you,”  a quote he takes from an interview he watched with the comedian and actor Steve Martin. In chapter four of the book he begins describing the difference between the passion mindset and the craftsmen mindset. He advocates for becoming a craftsmen in a certain field which is what allows you to build enough career capital to have the assets and foundation to be successful in the future.  He argues that…

“Regardless of how you feel about your job right now, adopting the crafstman mindset will be the foundation on which you’ll build a compelling career.”Cal Newport

After reading this book I began thinking of the areas where a person in ministry would need to focus in order to build enough career capital to have a foundation for success.

10 Areas to Build Ministry Capital

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